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Title: Developer insight
Post by: Mlindegaard on July 17, 2018, 01:52:07 PM
Its amazing how interactive you guys are with the community and its part of my decision of switching completely to ASP. Lots of times your respond to a forum post is something like: “
We will put it on our todo-list” which is awesome. But, is there any way to get some insight on what you are working on next - to kinda get to hype flowing. This is a thing Procreate does really well - getting people hyped on new updates. I want you guys to do the same, both for my own sake but also for yours. I feel you could reach out to more people by being even more interactive and active on social media. Im sure, that lota of people would make the switch from Procreate if they just got more aware on this wonderful app that has alomost everything the Procreate-community requests and still outperform on every level.