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Title: [Bug\Feature Request] Inconsistencies with the brush Size slider
Post by: Jim_e on September 12, 2019, 09:33:02 AM
The behavior of he brush slider is rather strange depending on the max size of the brush.  I understand dedicating a portion of the slider to the smaller px sizes allows for more accuracy in selection,  but the amount dedicated to the smaller pixels sizes change in a cumbersome way.

For example,  If I set the max brush size to 50 then move the slider halfway, my brush will be 10.  This changes with the max brush size in a bad way.
So at max brush size 800px, 50% of the slider is dedicated to just 20px while the other 50% is has to cover 780px. This becomes strange at 205px max brush size when 50% of the slider is dedicated to just 5px.

I propose this be somewhat more user configurable steps.  Dedicate the first 1/3 of the brush slider to an Absolute PX Amount(ex: 20px) set by the user in preferences,  then set 2/3 mark to be a percentage(ex:66%) of the max brush size and simply interpolate between the marks.  If the max brush size isn't atleast 3x greater than the Absolute PX Amount, then just fall back to a linear interpolation over the whole slider.

It seems this kinda what Artstudio is doing now in the <200px range, and at the >200px range is sets the 50% mark to 2.5% of the max brush size.