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Title: Crazy gestures on iOS dev beta 6 (and probably on public beta 5)
Post by: Pri Vacy on August 07, 2019, 08:04:55 PM
This is not something that has to be fixed by the dev but a warning to iOS beta users.

After updating iOS to beta 6 the "system" gestures actions are performed in place of Artstudio's ones. Here's some examples

2 finger tap is working as intended as there's no iOS gesture with 2 fingers.
3 finger tap displays a "nothing to undo" popup or the text edit popup (the rounded new one including cut, copy and so on)
4 finger tap works as intended if performed just after a triple tap, otherwise it does nothing.

Undo and redo buttons do work though, so the issue is caused by the system registering text gestures even without text fields.